YTEpisodes is temporarily homeless. :(

Sometimes the worst possible things happen when everything is already going horribly wrong. While still waiting for DTE to turn our power back on after last week's storm knocked out power to half of Detroit, our webhost pulled the rug out from under us and closed our webhosting account. And at this moment I'm spending all my time taking care of my dad who just got home from the hospital and still isn't doing well.

So at the moment, I'm broke and destitute, and I have nowhere to put the YTE website. I've only just barely managed to pay off our house bills with the donations I've been scraping together this past week, and now I need to come up with enough money to find a new hosting service for YTE. I know donations have been few and small lately so I won't hold my breath on this. I can only say that YTE will not be able to go back online until a new home is found for her.

I don't have an exact amount right now, as I still need to do some research on hosting services later. In the meantime, if you'd like to donate to get YTE back online, you can do so below. I'll post updates on this when I'm able to.