Payment Instructions to Unlock Demo Account

Please read this carefully! You may have questions that ARE answered here. Payments can be made via PayPal or Credit Card (processed by Digital River Inc.)

Payments via PayPal:

* Remember: You can use PayPal even without a PayPal account, and still have your YTE account unlocked immediately!

This method will unlock your account immediately.
Use the following links to be taken to PayPal to make a payment. Your YTE account will be credited with contribution points corresponding with your payment once the donation is received. (1,000 contrib points per $10) Any of these payment amounts will unlock your account: Make payment for: $20 - $30 - $40 - $50

Payments via Credit Card using RegisterNow:

* Your YTE account MUST have an email address attached to it, to use this method, which it does not. > > Add Your email address Here < < You will then need to use this same email address during the RegisterNow transaction so we can locate your account.
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* This method requires manual activation on my end, which can take up to 8 hours (if I'm asleep). This method does not send notifications when your account is reactivated! We wanted to, we tried to, but emails from YTE just go to people's junkmail folders anyway. :(

RegNow Payment Page - This page will allow you to make a payment via credit card through RegisterNow (Digital River Inc.) for an amount between $20 and $25. The base amount is $20 USD, but an unavoidable sales tax is added, so the actual amount due will vary. The total amount should still be under $25. Once the payment is received, we will attempt to match your transaction with the email address you have on your YTE account (which should have been entered by now), so PLEASE REMEMBER to use the same email address with RegNow that you have on your YTE account. Again, payments through this method are processed manually.