Donation Instructions

EACH METHOD HAS VERY SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS! Please follow them so you'll receive your contribution points!

Donations can be made via PayPal, or Credit Card (processed by Digital River Inc.).

Donations via PayPal:
Use the following links to be taken to PayPal to make a donation. Once a donation is made, your account will be credited with the corresponding contribution points manually, within 12 hours. Donate: $10 - $20 - $30 - $40 - $50

Donations via Credit Card: Before using this method, you'll need to add your email address to your YTE profile, so we can find your account and give you your contribution points. You will then need to use this same email address during the RegisterNow transaction. RegNow Donation Page - This page will allow you to make a donation via credit card through RegisterNow (Digital River Inc.) for an amount between $15 and $20. The base amount is $15 USD, but an unavoidable sales tax is added, so the actual amount due will vary. The total amount should still be under $20. This service does not allow me to let the visitor set the donation amount. If you wish to donate more, you can change the Quantity setting. Once the donation is received, we will attempt to match your donation with the email address you have on your YTE account (which should have been entered by now.)