Donation Instructions

EACH METHOD HAS VERY SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS! You will need to follow them or your account won't get unlocked!

Donations can be made via PayPal, or Credit Card (processed by Digital River Inc.)

Donations via PayPal:
Use this link to be taken to PayPal to make a $20 donation. Once a donation is made, your account will be unlocked manually within 12 hours.

Donations via Credit Card: This order page will allow you to make a donation via credit card. The base amount is $15 USD, but an unavoidable sales tax is added, so the actual amount due will vary. The total amount should still be under $20. Once the donation is processed and approved, you will need to reply to the instructions email with your YTE Username. If an email is not received from you, someone will contact you at the email address you used when you made the donation.